ESC'19: Results in the grand final
ESC'19: Results in the first semifinal
ESC'19: Results in the second semifinal
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NJS'19: Netherlands wins the National Jury Score 2019
National charts: Kan is voted as the best Israeli entry!
NJS'19: Points from LTU, MKD, MLT & MNE in final
NJS'19: Points from IRL, ISL, ISR, ITA & LAT in final
NJS'19: TOP3 in 2nd semifinal is Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden
NJS'19: TOP3 in 1st semifinal is Cyprus, Iceland & Belgium
Pre-chart'19: The Netherlands won the Pre-chart 2019!
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ESCSTATS: Best ESC points 1957-2019
ESCSTATS: Last places 1957-2019
ESCSTATS: Winners' positions in running orders 1998 - 2019
ESCSTATS: Compositions of Winners 1956 - 2019
ESCSTATS: TOP3 placings 1956 - 2019
ESCSTATS: List of ESC Winners 1956 - 2019
Winner estimate'19: The results of the Winner Estimate 2019
Congratulations the Netherlands!
ESC'19: The running order for the final
ESCSTATS: Qualifying percentages 2004 - 2019
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