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ESCSTATS.COM has been running for 25 years and it is the oldest Eurovision Song Contest fan website still running! The website is hosted from Helsinki, Finland.

ESCSTATS.COM was hosted in the beginning as Jarmo Penttilä's personal homepage kolumbus.fi/jarpen as of 7th May 1996. The escstats.com -domain was launched in January 2006.

ESCSTATS.COM is home to various types of ESC-related statistical information, polls and votes of the current season as well as past Eurovision-years. The biggest feature is the yearly Eurovision Pre-Chart, which opens immediately after two songs have been selected for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. There are usually thousands of voters from all over the world.

ESCSTATS.COM has also a small but important role in the history of Eurovision Song Contest. In 1999 escstats revealed the news about the Bosnian entry “Starac i more" by Hari Mata Hari. The song had been commercially released by a Finnish singer already in 1997 and finally "Starac i more" got disqualified. That's why we heard "Putnici" as the Bosnia & Herzegovian entry in Jerusalem.

ESCSTATS.COM covers news during the national finals season. The website co-operates with Finland’s biggest ESC-fan site and forum, viisukuppila.fi. Escstats delivers news and articles in Finnish, and the articles can be found from Viisukuppila's news archive.

ESCSTATS.COM today produces video interviews and ESC-related live performances. You can watch our videos and subscribe to our YouTube-channel.

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